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SEC Adopts New Rule to Allow All Issuers to “Test-the-Waters”

Cam C. Hoang

In connection with its efforts to modernize the regulatory framework, the SEC announced a new rule that provides all issuers with the flexibility provided by the JOBS Act to use “test-the-waters” communications with institutional investors about potential IPOs and other registered offering to better gauge market interest.  Previously, test-the-waters communications were only available to emerging growth companies. Securities Act Rule 163B will permit any issuer...

Impact of “Test-the-Waters” Reform Debated

Nicole H. Strydom

As we previously noted, in February, the SEC proposed expanding its “test-the-waters” accommodation from emerging growth companies (EGCs) only to all issuers via a new Rule 163B and related amendments. This accommodation would enable all issuers to engage in “test-the-waters” communications with certain institutional investors regarding a contemplated registered securities offering prior to, or following the filing of a registration statement related to such offering....

SEC Proposes to Expand “Test-the-Waters” Modernization Reform to All Issuers

Gary L. Tygesson

The SEC proposed a new rule and related amendments that would expand the “test-the-waters” accommodation—currently available to emerging growth companies—to all issuers, including investment company issuers. Proposed Securities Act Rule 163B, if adopted, would significantly enhance an issuer’s ability to cost-effectively assess the demand for and valuation of its securities, and also provide insights into the structural components for the offering that are important to investors....