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NASDAQ and NYSE Provide Temporary Relief from Certain Continued Listing Requirements

James Guttman

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NASDAQ and NYSE are providing temporary relief from certain continued listing standards. As of now, NYSE American has not provided similar relief from its continued listing standards as a result of COVID-19. Specifically, NASDAQ is providing relief from the continued listing bid price ($1.00) and market value of publicly held shares listing requirements through June 30, 2020. While NASDAQ...

Nasdaq Doesn’t Require Shareholder Approval of Equity Compensation Plan Amendments to Increase Tax Withholding

Kimberley R. Anderson

Material amendments to equity compensation plans require shareholder approval under Nasdaq rules. Last week, Nasdaq posted a new FAQ #1269 regarding amendments to equity compensation plans to increase the tax withholding rate.  FAQ #1269 is set forth below. “Generally, an amendment to increase the withholding rate to satisfy tax obligations would not be considered a material amendment to an equity compensation plan. Allowing the holder...

SEC Approves NASDAQ Rule Requiring Disclosure of “Golden Leash” Arrangements

Kimberley R. Anderson

Do your directors have a “golden leash”? If so, NASDAQ-listed companies will be required to publicly disclose those arrangements as a result of newly adopted rules. “Golden leash” arrangements are compensation arrangements between activist shareholders and their director nominee in connection with his or her service on, or candidacy for, a company’s board of directors, usually in connection with a proxy fight. In a typical...