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SEC Provides Guidance on the Use of Metrics in MD&A; Also Proposes Amendments to Simplify and Modernize MD&A and Related Financial Disclosures

Christopher L. Doerksen

On January 30, 2020, the SEC issued new guidance to companies that use key performance indicators and metrics in their MD&A. Concurrently, the SEC also proposed amendments that would significantly simplify and modernize the requirements for a company’s MD&A and related financial disclosures. New MD&A Guidance The SEC’s new guidance is effective immediately, and applies to all key performance indicators and metrics used in a...

Retrospective Changes to Financials? Consider the Periods Covered in the MD&A

Cam C. Hoang

For SEC reporting companies providing financial statements covering three years in a filing, discussion about the earliest of the three years may be omitted from the MD&A if such discussion was already included in the company’s prior filings on EDGAR, provided that the company provides a statement that identifies the location in the prior filing where the omitted discussion may be found.  See our summary...

Recent Dorsey eUpdate: Summary of SEC’s FAST Act Amendments and Additional Guidance on Confidential Treatment Requests

Cam C. Hoang

The SEC recently finalized amendments to its regulations to modernize and simplify disclosure requirements for public companies, investment advisors and investment companies, consistent with the Commission’s mandate under the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. The SEC subsequently released an additional announcement on the amendments to the confidential treatment request requirements. More information on the amendments relevant to public companies, including markups of the Form...