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Washington State to Require Gender Diversity on Public Company Boards or Board Diversity Disclosure

Clint Foss

Effective as of June 11, 2020, the Washington State legislature has amended the Washington Business Corporation Act (“WBCA”) to require public companies to either have a gender-diverse board of directors by January 1, 2022 or comply with new board diversity disclosure requirements.  A public company will be deemed to have a gender-diverse board of directors if, for at least 270 days of the fiscal year...

Did you catch these developments for the 2019 proxy statement and Form 10-K?

Cam C. Hoang

The 10-K and proxy season begins in a little over a month for companies with calendar fiscal year-ends.  The following governance and disclosure developments should be considered in the course of preparing these filings. For additional background, see our presentation and supplemental materials for Preparing for the 2019 SEC Reporting Season. Proxy Statement Impact of the government shutdown: During the government shut down, the SEC is...