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SEC Staff Offers Relief From Manual Signature Requirements Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Kimberley R. Anderson

As more annual meetings may be held virtually this year, and many board meetings are being held telephonically due to social distancing or travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, working remotely has created a number of logistical challenges for companies, including the gathering of manually executed signature pages for electronic filings with the SEC. The Staff of the SEC has now provided guidance to help address...

Federal Reserve Announces Sweeping Actions

Jonathan B. Abram

Prior to the open of markets in the U.S. on March 23, the Federal Reserve announced that it is committed to using its full range of tools to address the coronavirus pandemic. The steps announced by the Federal Reserve are described in this eUpdate.

SEC Takes Targeted Action to Assist Funds and Advisers, Permits Virtual Board Meetings and Provides Conditional Relief from Certain Filing Procedures

Ellen Bickal

On March 13, 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), indicating that it is closely monitoring the impact of coronavirus on investors, funds and advisers, announced regulatory relief for funds and investment advisers whose operations may be affected by the coronavirus. The relief covers in-person board meetings and certain filing and delivery requirements for investment funds and investment advisers.  Recognizing that the impacts of the...

Impact of COVID-19: SEC Issues Guidance on Conduct of Annual Meetings

Kimberley R. Anderson

I live and work in the Seattle area. As a result of COVID-19, school districts are now closed for 6 weeks, Seattle public libraries are closed for a month, a number of restaurants have closed for the time being and my beloved Mariners’ baseball season has been postponed (along with most other sporting events). As we adjust to the current realities of dealing with COVID-19,...

SEC Reminds Companies of Disclosure Obligations Relating to Coronavirus

Gary L. Tygesson

In connection with the order issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday providing filing relief for companies that are affected by the coronavirus, the Commission reminded all companies to be vigilant regarding their disclosure obligations related to the evolving coronavirus scenario. A company’s assessment of, and plans for addressing, material risks to its business and operations resulting from the coronavirus can be material to...

SEC Provides Filing Relief for Companies Affected by Coronavirus

Cam C. Hoang

The Securities and Exchange Commission issued an order today providing filing relief for companies that are affected by the coronavirus.  In the order, the Commission notes that disruptions to transportation, and limited access to facilities, support staff, and professional advisors as a result of COVID-19, could hamper the efforts of public companies and other persons with filing obligations to meet their filing deadlines. Companies may...