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SEC Supplements COVID-19 Disclosure Guidance Ahead of Second Quarter Reports

Cam C. Hoang

The Securities and Exchange Commission continues to encourage public companies to provide disclosures that allow investors to evaluate the current and expected impact of COVID-19 through the eyes of management and to proactively revise and update disclosures as facts and circumstances change. Ahead of public company reports of their second quarter results, the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance has released a supplement to CF Disclosure...

SEC Releases FAQs Relating to Use of Form S-3 Registration Statement in Light of COVID-19 Order


On May 4, 2020, the SEC issued three FAQs relating to the unique circumstances arising from COVID-19 and the use of Form S-3 registration statement.  The SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance is not including them within their Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations since these responses relate to unique circumstances arising from COVID-19.  The staff may supplement or amend these responses. The FAQs should provide clarity to...

SEC Extends Filing Relief for Companies Affected by COVID-19

Cam C. Hoang

The Securities and Exchange Commission has extended an earlier order, so that subject to certain conditions that we reported on here, public companies may have an additional 45 days from the original due date to file their Exchange Act reports that are otherwise due between March 1 and July 1, 2020. Companies relying on this relief, in compliance with the conditions imposed by the order,...

SEC Staff Offers Relief From Manual Signature Requirements Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Kimberley R. Anderson

As more annual meetings may be held virtually this year, and many board meetings are being held telephonically due to social distancing or travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, working remotely has created a number of logistical challenges for companies, including the gathering of manually executed signature pages for electronic filings with the SEC. The Staff of the SEC has now provided guidance to help address...

Federal Reserve Announces Sweeping Actions

Jonathan B. Abram

Prior to the open of markets in the U.S. on March 23, the Federal Reserve announced that it is committed to using its full range of tools to address the coronavirus pandemic. The steps announced by the Federal Reserve are described in this eUpdate.

SEC Provides Guidance on the Use of Metrics in MD&A; Also Proposes Amendments to Simplify and Modernize MD&A and Related Financial Disclosures

Christopher L. Doerksen

On January 30, 2020, the SEC issued new guidance to companies that use key performance indicators and metrics in their MD&A. Concurrently, the SEC also proposed amendments that would significantly simplify and modernize the requirements for a company’s MD&A and related financial disclosures. New MD&A Guidance The SEC’s new guidance is effective immediately, and applies to all key performance indicators and metrics used in a...

Did You Remember These Developments for the 2020 SEC Reporting Season?

Cam C. Hoang

Preparations for annual reporting on Form 10-K and the 2020 proxy season have begun in earnest for many companies. We have summarized certain governance and disclosure developments that should be considered in the course of preparing these filings and you can find them here. For additional background, please contact us for materials from our presentation, “Preparing for the 2020 SEC Reporting Season.”

Did you catch these developments for the 2019 proxy statement and Form 10-K?

Cam C. Hoang

The 10-K and proxy season begins in a little over a month for companies with calendar fiscal year-ends.  The following governance and disclosure developments should be considered in the course of preparing these filings. For additional background, see our presentation and supplemental materials for Preparing for the 2019 SEC Reporting Season. Proxy Statement Impact of the government shutdown: During the government shut down, the SEC is...

ISS Updates FAQs on US Compensation Policies

Cam C. Hoang

ISS released its annual update of frequently asked questions on its US Compensation Policies on December 20, 2018 (preliminary updates had been released in November). The updates are effective for shareholder meetings occurring on or after February 1, 2019. There are nine new or materially updated questions, which are summarized below: #19 Will any of the quantitative pay-for-performance screens change in 2019?  No.  The screens...

SEC Adopts Hedging Disclosure Rules

Kimberley R. Anderson

The SEC adopted new rules today that will require disclosure of a company’s hedging policies in proxy statements or information statements relating to the election of directors. The new rules are set forth in new Item 407(i) of Regulation S-K and require a company to describe any practices or policies it has adopted regarding the ability of its employees, officers or directors to engage in...